About the Comox Valley Viking Suns

Comox Valley Viking Suns is a social club for Scandinavians and their friends and family!  We get together to celebrate our ancestry, practice our language, try new recipes and share stories. We are passionate about our journey to understand our heritage and expand our knowledge of Scandinavia.

Some of our short-term goals are to increase membership and host fun events while creating an awareness of the Club! Long-term we want to connect Club members and their local Comox Valley businesses with opportunities in Scandinavian and be a known welcome wagon for Scandinavians visting the Comox Valley. 

I started this Club because of my strong ties to Norway. My dad was from the north of Norway and I pride myself on having regular contact with family and friends in Norway. I have worked and studied in Oslo, Bergen, Lillesand and Kristiansand, and made many trips to northern Norway, primarily to Vengsøya, where my family first established roots in the early 1900’s from nearby villages.